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Testament to the TAS DesignBuild vision, TAS proposed Zed at a time when the King West neighbourhood still reflected its industrial heritage. With a specific focus on the unique characteristics of this urban-fringe neighbourhood, the success of this multi-unit residential building hinged upon its unified approach and consistency of components. The architectural design of Zed has since been regarded as one of the most influential in the downtown core — a touchstone in contemporary condominium design. Offerings to home buyers were well beyond the standards of the time. Clean, undeniably modern, inside and out, TAS DesignBuild's Zed is a building of human scale and material delights.

  • TAS DesignBuild Zed Condominiums
  • TAS DesignBuild Zed Condominiums
  • TAS DesignBuild Zed Condominiums
  • TAS DesignBuild Zed Condominiums
  • TAS DesignBuild Zed Condominiums
  • TAS DesignBuild Zed Condominiums
  • TAS DesignBuild Zed Condominiums
  • TAS DesignBuild Zed Condominiums
  • TAS DesignBuild Zed Condominiums

design right

Airy, light-infused interiors, immaculately conceptualized by TAS Designbuild. Illuminated by great design. Every room designed and fitted to be the best...and perform impeccably.

From custom cabinetry to the bespoke-style details that define each room, TAS DesignBuild's interpretation of form and functions is the basis of the homes at Zed.


Toronto cityscape

down the street

No need for a car, TAS DesignBuild's Zed is in the hub of Toronto's downtown life.

King Street West is around the corner, Queen Street West just up the street. A vibe-ing community, energized by shops, fitness clubs, farmer's markets, art galleries, theatres, restaurants, parks and bars. Experience it all in a stride. Leaving the hood? There's TTC right at your door!

A different mood. Leisure spaces. Queen's Quay. Harbourfront. Beaches, lakeside boardwalks, parkland, trails...Walk, jog, blade, canoe. Catch up on what's new in dance, art or theatre. Or best the bustle. Ride the Ferry. Trek the island. Enjoy a soul moment. Thrill it up... Or chill it out... TAS DesignBuild's Zed, leaves it up to you.

tas designbuild

Over the past twenty years, TAS DesignBuild has dedicated itself to the creation of architecturally astute spaces in the GTA. Through free-standing residences, designing interiors for Toronto's most luxurious condominiums, as well as retail, commercial and institutional projects, TAS DesignBuild has pushed the bounds of design and building quality.

Sensitive to environments, inspired by light, conscious of the sensual blend of the raw and natural, wholeheartedly dedicated to custom created detail, TAS DesignBuild has created a practice known throughout Toronto for bringing the essence of contemporary living home. Skilled in architecture, interior design and construction, TAS DesignBuild's approach brings together elements that contribute to our design signature -- and our difference.

core architects

CORE Architects Inc. is an award-winning group of architects and interior designers based in Toronto. Since our formation in 1996, we have quickly distinguished ourselves amongst our competitors by our innovative yet thoughtful design solutions.

The firm's founding principals, share a design philosophy that focuses on creativity, innovation and sustainability; and a business vision that is client- focused, striving to maximize efficiency while meeting schedule and budgetary constraints.

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